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Accounts Management System is an authentic bookkeeping software suite that integrates every feature of expansive institutional accounting under a module, which offers unparalleled security and competence in management. It is an all-inclusive financial management solution which offers authority and flexibility to tackle the most complex accounting tasks while retaining affordability required by educational institutions.

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Online Attendance Management System


Online attendance system is one of the finest examples of advanced technology. Online attendance system allows you to automate your time management by tracking your working hours. Online attendance system helps organizations to concentrate on company issues by reducing paper works and by eliminating manual process of attendance records. With online attendance system you can log in your time virtually from anywhere and at any time. The only thing you need for this is an active internet connection and any web browser. Online attendance system has brought a nice way of eliminating manual time calculations and data entry with just with the click of mouse.

Payroll Management System


Payroll management, otherwise known as payroll administration, is one of the most crucial processes in any business, regardless of size, scope, or industry. It is one of the most important, but also one of the most time-consuming and cumbersome, administrative tasks that any company performs on a daily basis. The payroll management process doesn’t generate direct revenues for the company, but it is still an important activity that all businesses have to deal with. As such, keeping it at a bare minimum in terms of time, cost, and effort spent is a priority for most organizations.

School Management System

aimed to provide complete computerized operations in any school. Students can be managed through Bio-Data (GR No. Allotment), Attendance, Fees, Examination, Leaving modules. Staff records can be computerized by Bio-Data > Staff Salary > Leaving modules. Accounting module is integrated with all other modules to getting rid of transaction duplication.

SMS Alert System


It is important for a organization to be in regular contact with their staff, students and parents. As newsletters and announcements have become outdated, it is necessary to have a fast, effective and affordable communication mode. SMS Alert System is a revolutionary solution that unleashes the power of emergency alerts/messages to all computer/cell phone users connected with the school. Its special arrangement of one-way instant messages to thousands of computers/cell phones makes it ideal for all schools to send out important school alerts to students, staff and faculty members.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management Systems is a hospital management system software designed to manage all aspects of a hospital operation. This customizable hospital management system is an integrated healthcare solution which includes Outpatient and Inpatient Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Ward Management, Mobile Application, Online Appointments Scheduling, Secured Messaging, Doctor Portal, Patient and Family Portals, Medical Electronic Billing, Accounting, HR/Payroll and HL7/Integrated PACS System. Traditional approaches encompass paper-based information.


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