Call Of Duty: MW3 Zombies Scorcher Wonder Weapon Guide

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how to use the scorcher in mw3 zombies

However, you’ll need to Pack-a-Punch the Scorcher at least three times for it to be as powerful as it can be in the High Threat Zone, otherwise, it can be pretty underwhelming. Once you have the Scorcher Schematic, you will be able to craft the Wonder Weapon every time the cooldown has depleted in the crafting menu of Schematics. Here’s how to get and use the Scorcher Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies, a powerful weapon that can help you survive and eliminate the toughest of enemies. Your second option is to get the weapon as a drop by completing the Legacy Fortress.

Finding The Scorcher Wonder Weapon in Zombies

To fight this boss, you will need to collect 4 Calibration Data USBs and place them in the Refractor terminals inside the Aether Storm. MW3 Zombies has become a perfect third mode for players top 10 ways to earn bitcoin cash who want to escape the chaos of multiplayer and Warzone. The undead mode has received a lot of content over the two seasons of Modern Warfare 3, including new missions and even bosses.

Using the Scorcher in MW3 Zombies

how to use the scorcher in mw3 zombies

You can also get a Schematic for the Scorcher Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies by defeating Greylorm, one of the game’s hidden bosses that are located in the Aether Storm. Once you manage to defeat the giant worm, a Reward Rift will appear, which has the chance of having the Scorcher Schematic inside of it. If you want to exfil with The Scorcher, though, you need to find its weapon case.

Multiplayer Modes

You can either get the Scorcher as a reward or you’ll get it in a Weapon Case, which will allow you to exfil with it and use it in a different match. Finally, you can also loot the Scorcher as a reward or from a weapon case. Similar to the Mystery Box, this is completely random, but you always have the chance of either getting the Scorcher or the Scorcher Case from an objective reward.

Holding the ADS button will aim the weapon above, and by shooting it, you will be thrown up in the air. This will help immensely if you want to go from one area to another in a short time. Not only that but if you feel overwhelmed or are in deep trouble in an area, then you can use this to get away from that.

  1. Here’s everything you need to know about MWZ’s Scorcher Wonder Weapon, including how to get and use it.
  2. You can prepare by upgrading all of your weapons to pack-a-punch 3 and getting necessary field upgrades that work well for your play style.
  3. He is a junior editor of and has previously worked for GameRant.
  4. MW3 Zombies has become a perfect third mode for players who want to escape the chaos of multiplayer and Warzone.
  5. It is very unique looking and adds a new edge to the combat in the mode.
  6. Here’s how to get and use the Scorcher Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies, a powerful weapon that can help you survive and eliminate the toughest of enemies.

The Scorcher is a new wonder weapon that you can unlock in MW3 Zombies. The new Urzikstan map houses all of the previous Zombies wonder weapons, including the Wunderwaffe and Ray Gun. Unlike these two weapons, the Scorcher cannot be crafted with schematics.

The available challenges can be done in MW3 multiplayer, MW3 Zombies, and Warzone. If you choose to keep the case as is, you can reserve it for a later game and spawn with this weapon. This case is a one-time use only and depends on you when you want to use it. Mystery Boxes work solely on the RNG factor of the game, and a gun cannot be coerced out of it. However, a notable thing is that the longer a match lasts, the percentage of a Wonder Weapon drop rises.

But, with this guide, you will learn how to get the Scorcher schematic in MW3 Zombies to prepare for what’s to come. These are uniquely powerful weapons that make fighting against zombies much more fun. Other Wonder Weapons are also possible drops in the Legacy Fortress reward rift.

With the Pack-A-Punch Machine, you can make this weapon even more devastating. Though high-threat zones will still be a challenge, you can enter even the hardest parts of the map with significantly more ease with an upgraded Scorcher. Let’s get into more information about the Scorcher, including what it is, how and where to get it, and if you can Pack-A-Punch the weapon. Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 7+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.

Those are the most straightforward methods to acquire The Scorcher in MW3 Zombies. As with any Wonder Weapon, your odds are incredibly low if you’re searching for it, but running those methods over and over again will eventually yield you The Scorcher. Talha Bin Rizwan is a reader, writer, journalist, and most importantly a gamer. He is a junior editor of and has previously worked for GameRant. You can also use the Pack-A-Punch machine to make the Scorcher even more powerful and do more damage.

The Scorcher can be acquired through several methods, some of which are far simpler than others. You also have to complete specific objectives for a chance to loot The Scorcher’s weapon case and The Scorcher itself. While Conversion Kits are cool, sometimes a new attachment can be a real game-changer. Some of the best loadouts in the game have a powerful stock on it and this new stock added in season three looks like it will be very fun.

This mobility option feels similar to the Paralyzer Wonder Weapon found in Black Ops 2’s Buried map. The Scorcher can also be Pack-a-Punched to make it even more powerful, and here’s our full guide on how Pack-a-Punch works in MW3 Zombies. One of the effective ways players have obtained this weapon is through completing contracts and bounties in the High-threat zone. An important thing to remember here is that if you open the case and use the gun in your current game, the gun will turn into Bonus XP after you exfil successfully. All you need to do is hold down the aim button to unleash a blast that kills surrounding zombies and sends you flying into the air. The Scorcher has unlimited ammo, but does take a while to charge up if you want to unleash a huge blast.

Players can find the Greylorm hidden boss by collecting four Calibration Data USBs and placing them in the Refractor terminals inside the Aether Storm. The locations of the four Calibration Data USBs are random for every match, so you’ll have to explore the best you can to find them. Once you do this, the Greylorm boss will spawn after a couple of minutes, commencing the boss fight. You can then parachute to break your fall and relocate away from zombies or to high ground.

how to use the scorcher in mw3 zombies

The Scorcher is a Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies that can instantly kill both normal and special enemies. Players will want to get the Scorcher schematic as soon as possible, gaining an advantage at the beginning of the match. That’s why keep on reading this guide to know all about the Scorcher Wonder weapon in the game. You can obtain the Scorcher by taking your chance with the random Mystery Box pulls or the low drop rate of its Weapon Case in Contract Reward Rifts. The only way to exfil with the Scorcher is if you acquire a Scorcher Weapon Case. Once the Weapon Case is opened, you cannot put the Scorcher back inside and you will have to either drop it or use it in your current run.

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